Sodium methoxide products come in two forms



  There are two forms of sodium methoxide products: solid and liquid, solid sodium methoxide, liquid sodium methoxide in methanol, sodium methoxide 27.5~31% . The sodium methoxide methanol solution is a colorless or yellowish viscous liquid that is sensitive to oxygen, flammable and explosive. Extremely easy to absorb moisture.

       It is soluble in methanol and ethanol, decomposes into methanol and sodium hydroxide in water, and decomposes in air above 126.6 °C. Insoluble in benzene and toluene . It is strongly irritating and extremely corrosive. Sodium methoxide has a wide range of uses,  mainly for the production of sulfonamides, V B6 and V A .  Sodium methoxide is also an organic synthesis catalyst for pesticide production and oil processing industries.