Sodium methoxide dangerous chemicals, corrosive



Sodium methoxide dangerous chemicals, corrosive and pyrophoric. It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, as a catalyst for the treatment of condensing agents, chemical reagents, edible oils and fats in organic synthesis. Chinese name: sodium methoxide, foreign name Sodiummethoxide, alias: sodium methoxide, occupation: chemical preparations.

Molecular formula :  CH3ONa Molecular weight: 54.0311InChI=1-2;  /h1H3; /q-1; +1 Boiling point: >450 °C Solubility: soluble in methanol, ethanol Properties: white amorphous flowable powder, odorless, soluble in ethanol And methanol. Sensitive to air and moisture, it quickly decomposes into methanol and sodium hydroxide in water, and decomposes in air above 126.6 °C.  Commercial forms are also in the form of solution compounds. There are also forms of solvent compounds.